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Vacancies Available NOW

Do you have dance abilities? Interested in earning $8,000+dollars a month? If so read on ….


Our Agency has immediate openings for Pole dancers (most nationalities) for a variety of top clubs .We are open to accepting novice dancers only if they meet the criteria below (Please see our “On the Job Training Program” at the bottom of the page.)




- Must be 18 years old or older

- Experience and /or dance abilities and able to perform onstage in front of up to 100+people.

- Excellent attitude and good work ethic. Ability to get along with diversified staff of co - workers.

- Able to travel and work abroad (if necessary).


About earnings:


It is the same old story when it comes to earnings; those who work hard and use their brains make the most money.Being a successful pole dancer is not easy but can be fun and very rewarding. If you listen to the advice our experienced agents give, you will bring home over £80,000 per year and that’s with taking a couple of months off to rest or holiday.


Now, here you are on our website and you probably found us because you are looking for better opportunities or someone who is considering working as a pole dancer. Whatever your motives are for finding us, let’s just say that you are a serious person who is willing to work with us. We will help place you in a safe work environment where earning that100k will be attainable. So serious ladies, read on and please let us know which destination most interests you.


We are currently booking dancers in the following countries:


We book the “3 highest earnings” clubs in this country! Work visas, medical insurance and airline expenses covered (5 month minimum contract).At the moment our girls are earning over $8000 dollars a month, so a 5 month contract = $40,000 dollars+. If you are interested in working in Canada please fill out our form.




If you are a complete beginner we have practical courses taught by our highly experienced instructors who all have a vast amount of experience in the industry. Just fill in the form stating you wish to attend one of our courses.


To register with our agency you must follow the instructions below.


(Note; all information sent to us is confidential)


You can begin by filling in our online form (it takes approximately two minutes);


After filling in our online form you will need to email us 4- 5 photos of yourself in bikini, different angles and poses. Please contact us for further information.


Once we receive your personal information and photos and see that you are serious about working with our agency, we will contact you to discuss booking options and opportunities.



We have many openings in the UK for dancers who wish to work full or part time. Some of our best dancers in the London area were earning just over £2000. Yes two thousand pounds per week and our best weekend dancers have been earning over a £1000, a weekend.


We have immediate vacancies for dancers that fit our recruitment criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions



1) What is the normal age of dancers?

ANSWER: The average is anything form 19 up to 32 years of age.


2) Do I have to have previous experience?

ANSWER: No but experience is always useful. You can either go on one of our UK courses or we can arrange a course in the USA with one of our experienced teachers.


3) Where do I stay and who collects me from the airport?

ANSWER: Each club is different. Most clubs arrange airport pickups and accommodation for our dancers


4) How long do I have to wait to get paid and is tax deducted from my earnings?

ANSWER: Most clubs pay on a daily basis plus tip.In the USA dancers are employed on an independent contractor basis. The exception is Canada where the clubs pay the tax on behalf of their dancers.


5) Do you provide long-term accommodation and at what cost?

Answer: Yes, accommodation is provided and all clubs offer reasonable prices .Many dancers soon make friends with other club workers and often rent accommodation between them.


6) Who pays for my flights overseas?

ANSWER: You have to pay for the flights yourself. However, in Canada the clubs will reimburse you once you start working.


7) Do I need a work permit and who sorts out all my legal documentation?

ANSWER: We sort all the necessary documentation that you need. If you work without all the right documentation you are working illegally, which at best will result in being deported, fined or even at worst being jailed. This documentation is difficult to get, but we have all the necessary contacts to obtain this on your behalf. WARNING: If you decide not to use our services, be very careful of anyone offering work without the right paper work.


8) Why work in the USA?

ANSWER: Everyone has their own reasons, from wanting to travel, escape the British winter or simply earn a lot of money.

Many dancers have either married or become long term partners of USA men. We must also point out that the USA is the richest county in the world and many of our dancers have become partners of some very wealthly men with life changing consequences.

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